Solar Thermal panel maintenance, break down & servicing

Regular servicing is essential
Just like your car or any other mechanical equipment, servicing on a regular basis is essential as there are components within a system, such as moving parts and valves, that must be kept in optimum working order. With regular maintenance, your solar thermal system will remain in a safe condition, run at its most efficient, keep down running costs, and generate the maximum amount of renewable heat. A well-serviced and maintained system will also have a longer life-span.

We would therefore recommend that you get your solar thermal system serviced once every two years (some manufacturers require servicing to validate their warranties).

How much will servicing cost?
The cost of a service will depend on many factors and be heavily influenced by whether or not any maintenance is required. From our experience it is always much easier to service a system that has been fitted by us, as we are 100 per cent familiar with it and the way that it has been installed.

  • Standard domestic system 2 year service costs from £120.00+VAT
  • System clean and glycol change from £250.00+VAT (includes service)

Any defects or broken parts are brought to your attention and an estimate provided.

What does a service include?
It’s essential that your service is well structured. During a standard service our technicians work through a checklist to ensure that the system is performing correctly. It includes nine tests on the solar circuit and a variety of other electrical tests; checks on the collector’s fixings, pipework and insulation; examinations of the controller’s parameters, wiring and functionality; and analysis of the cylinder’s position, controls and potential leaks.

Replacing fluid
One of the most important aspects of your solar thermal system is the heat transfer fluid. This will need to be replaced approximately every 5 to10 years to ensure that the pH and antifreeze-protection levels are correct.

Break down and repair
If you have an existing solar thermal / hot water system, we offer a solar repair service and routine maintenance checks on all kinds of solar water heating systems. While there is not much to go wrong on a solar system, problems can sometimes occur. Our qualified engineers have a wealth of experience with many different kinds of solar systems and we can offer you both repair and design solutions, for malfunctioning or broken solar systems; and also routine servicing, to help maintain the health of your solar system.

If you have a problem which needs immediate attention: for example your system has stopped working due to overheating.
We can offer you:

  • System design assessment
  • Fault finding and repair
  • General system health check and service
  • Performance improvements
  • Expert opinion and survey report

Sometimes the systems we are called to inspect have been installed to a low standard and are non-compliant with current legislation. This means that the components used may be of low quality and the system poorly designed. Corners may have been cut in order to speed up the installation and commissioning process

  • Call out charge is £65.00,
  • Then every 15 minutes on site £15.00 plus parts, mileage and VAT
  • Mileage charge after 50 miles round trip is 30p per mile, plus VAT