High Temperature Air Source

Artizan has installed a good number of high temperature heat pumps over the years. These units have proven to be ideal for retro installations on older properties; without the need to enlarge the existing radiators, they work on the same temperature as a conventional fossil fuel boiler. The unit works well with a solid fuel stove with back boiler integrated into the system.

The unit comes as a split system, with the fan unit being located outside (up to 30m from the house) and a unit inside the house which can include the domestic hot water cylinder.

At present these units are not eligible for the RHI incentive. The manufacturers are in discussion with DECC hoping to reverse this.

Outside Fan Unit
Unit selection from 11-16kW

Inside Unit – with domestic hot Water

Inside Unit
Unit selection from 11-16kW

Insdie Unit – integrated with a stove with boiler

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