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Walltherm Fires

“Walltherm Zebru Log Gasification Stove”

The Walltherm is a simple and elegant stove with a build quality second to none. Its secret lies in using log-gasification reverse-flame combustion technology, but adapted to a domestic stove.

Here’s how it works… The stove has two combustion chambers. The fire is lit in the upper chamber and produces wood gas while burning. This hot gas is pulled down through combustion jets, where it is mixed with a secondary air supply. In the lower chamber, the gas ignites and creates a second flame that generates up to 1000ºC. This burns cleanly and efficiently. The hot exhaust gases then run up through the heat exchanger, which is designed to absorb the highest amount of heat possible. Impressively, by the time the gases reach the chimney, the temperature will be less than 130°C and the house will be warm, the domestic water hot, and the thermal store heating up nicely.

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Download your copy of the Walltherm brochure here. ...

As well as achieving record-breaking efficiency, and a low level of emissions, the Walltherm’s double windows provide a visual treat like no other stove. The glowing log fire can be viewed through a large double-glazed panel in the main door, while the lower window shows the gasification chamber, where spectacular super-hot flames pour down through the fire-bed slot and curl round to enter the heat exchanger tubes at the rear.

  • 93% efficiency
  • 15kW output (4kW to room)
  • Log gasification
  • Highest quality
  • 5 year  warranty
  • Stunning looks