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Totem Fires

Human-sized company entirely dedicated to a profession and only one: the manufacture of chimneys homes of high quality.

Our technical expertise are those of the boiler special steels. They remain by artisanal nature if we rely on advanced techniques such as laser sheet metal cutting radius or computer-aided design.

All our products: fireplaces, custom inserts, metal chimneys, cover frames … are compliant with current standards, today NF EN 13229. We design all our homes for they are as discreet as possible when installed in a chase enclosure. They are made of special steel resistant to high temperatures inside the heating body is lined with refractory bricks to better regulate the heat exchange.


In 1998, Alain Castagnol, supported by a group of shareholders with majority family, acquires the company “Foyer Lades”. The new management decided to change its brand and logo in 2000 and they became Totem Fire SA for company name and TOTEM as the trademark.

A company on human scale entirely dedicated to one sole business: the manufacture of top quality fireplaces.

For over fifteen years we have been designing and producing fireplaces with constant demand for quality and reliability, the very expression of our craftsman skills.

A unique product, created just for you, your TOTEM hearth will be the focal point of your future fireplace.