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Piazzetta Fires

Piazzetta Fires

Piazzetta elements

The hand-made large Piazzetta majolica elements are the epitome of what can be achieved with the constituent raw material. The clay acquires unrivalled superior quality to become an expression of those who shape it with their hands.

Piazzetta craft

The production of a majolica cladding requires time and skill: after the mix has been cast in the moulds and dried enough to take it out, the piece is hand smoothed and left to dry naturally.

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Time and quality

This procedure is then followed by drying at 60°, to eliminate all the residual moisture, and further firing at 1000° to make the ceramic stronger and to improve its capacity to conduct heat. The piece is then hand painted and put back in the kiln for the last phase. It takes between 12 and 15 days to complete the whole production cycle with around ten skilled persons involved.


Piazzetta Fires – maximum efficiency, minimum emissions

Scrupulous laboratory tests and in-depth thermotechnical studies have ensured that Piazzetta fireplaces offer an excellent heat output, low consumption and long burn time. And on top of all that, they also have a reduced rate of emissions into the atmosphere, in line with the most stringent European standards.

Piazzetta Fires – comfort throughout your home

Piazzetta’s fireboxes and stoves ensure absolute comfort. Efficient and capable of creating a unique atmosphere around the fire, they require little maintenance while offering such obvious advantages that make all the difference.