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Ortal Gas Fires

Ortal Gas Fires

ORTAL, in business since 1986, is well known for its wide selection of modern gas fires, produced with close attention to detail, finishing, heating efficiency and quality. ORTAL’s  products combine traditional and modern design with the technology innovation that ensures a green product with high efficiency ratings.

Our advanced technology produces eye catching fires that are safe, beautiful and economical. Our product sophistication allows installation in more location inside the home.

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An impressive array of sizes to suit design and architectural needs integrating heat into the aesthetics of life. ORTAL also welcome clients’ vision for custom-made fireplaces for special requirements, size and uses. Our high quality fires are CSA and CE certified and our dealers have a strong commitment to offer the best installation and service.


GREEN STATEMENT: Ortal USA offers a green, environmentally friendly heating solution for the modern era.  With Ortal’s high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Its unique design maximizes the fireplace’s radiant heat.  Additional efficient components include Ortal’s use of direct vent technology, electronic ignition (instead of a standing pilot) and low maintenance requirements.

Our fireplaces now features a screen for our Front, LS, RS, TS, Tunnel and Space Creator series. A glass bracket at the corner maintains the taut screen tension for our multi-sided fireplaces. The screens have no metal and offer an attractive, sleek design.nts.