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Fondis Fires

Fondis firesFondis are manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces and its 50 employees have been delivering excellence since 1978. Fondis fires are designed with respect for the environment, combining both high design and the latest advances in technology.

Fondis ensure the performance and reliability of its products, testing in it’s own laboratory to achieve high standards, under extreme operating conditions.

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Download your copy of the Fondis brochure here. ...

The Fondis fires laboratory also has high-tech R&D capabilities for the development of new technologies. An innovation process that leads to the filing of numerous patents every year. Fondis fires protect it’s technologies with new generations being zero CO and multi-energy.


Environmentally responsible products

Through the manufacture of quality products and being environmentally responsible, Fondis fires have become a leading brand in the clean wood heating sector, making the choice to go beyond the current environmental standards and building on innovative processes and exclusive designs.

The industrial excellence recognized internationally

Attached to the idea of industrial excellence, Fondis fires design and manufactures all of its products at Thann in the Haut-Rhin (68), in the heart of the Rhine basin. Thier expertise is now recognized internationally and it now generates 30% of its turnover through exports.

Art Beamer - visualiser app

Fondis fires ‘Visualiser App’Art Beamer

ArtBeamer is a simple app that allows you, in real-time, to see how fabulous a Fondis stove or fire can look in your own home.

  1. Download and install the ArtBeamer app from the Apple App store or Android Play Store. Just search for “Artbeamer”. Instructions are of course also included with the app.
  2. Print page 2 of the this pdf, then stick the page, with the ‘pebbles‘ showing, on the wall where you would like to see the stove. This page is called the ‘target’.
  3. Enter the shortcode 016487 into the app to access our account. You can also enter any product-specific shortcodes which will be shown in the brochure.
  4. Once you have selected your desired stove simply press “Beam”. Stand around 1.5 m in front of the target and point the camera of your device towards it. The chosen stove should pop into existence in place of the target and you can then view it from different angles and distances. You can also take pictures from the app which can then be emailed out.