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Focus Fires

Focus Fires have helped form some exceptional installations of contemporary fireplaces in architecture and design around the world. In the homes designed by internationally renowned architects, the elegant, minimalist Forcus fireplaces created by Dominique Imbert are a distinctive feature.

All Focus Fires are custom made in France by their experienced production team.

The expertise of the Focus Fires metalworkers allows the meticulous creation of the custom-made elements of its stoves and fireplaces that make each model unique. Each step of production is rigorously checked, as a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Focus Fires - Flamme Verte

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The ‘Flamme Verte’ label guarantees the high energy and environmental efficiency of closed wood-burning fireplaces.

In 2010, the French Union for Renewable Energy classified products with the ‘Flamme Verte’ label in three categories, ranging from three to five stars according to their environmental friendliness. The five-star category additionally includes environmental performance that takes into account low particulate emissions in smoke.

In 2012, ‘Flamme Verte’ fireplaces with four or five stars are eligible for a tax credit in France.. Since its creation, Focus has worked to continually improve the technical performance and the energy efficiency of its fireplaces. The proof of our efforts is that most of our models have been awared four or five ‘Flamme Verte’ stars.

The materials used to create all Focus Fires, are entirely recyclable.


Focus wood burning fires

All Focus wood-burning models, open and closed, have undergone extensive testing in European testing laboratories. This allows us to provide the real performance indicators (nominal heat output, efficiency, level of CO, etc.) for each model. Fireplaces that have a thermal efficiency equal to or more than 70% may be eligible for a tax credit in certain countries (for example, in France). In this case, this is mentioned on the product information sheet and the price list. This information is updated along with any changes to laws and regulations or the adaptation of our models to new standards.

Focus gas fires

Our Focus open and closed gas fireplaces (all CE-certified) display their nominal heat input. The Focus closed gas fires are particularly efficient for heating and have no constraints involving loading wood, removing ash, spark protection, and so on. Equipped with a remote control, they are easily adjustable and easy to use. In case of a power outage, our gas fires continue to operate and provide heat independently of an electric power source, in contrast to other types of heating systems such as boilers or pellet stoves.

Visualise Your New Fire

Download and use the Focus Creation App to see what your new fire will look like in your own home.

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Focus fires

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