Solid Fuel Appliance Servicing

Why do I need a service

Solid fuel servicing is the inspection of your heating appliances and it is good practice to carry it out once every 12 months to make sure that the appliance is operating correctly in conjunction with your flue.

If your appliance is not checked regularly it may break down.

This could mean no heating or hot water until they are fixed. It may also damage your health if you are exposed to carbon monoxide fumes.

Servicing must be carried out to make sure that your appliances are working safely. If an appliance is not working properly it can give out carbon monoxide fumes, which you will not be able to notice as they are odourless and colourless.

A poorly maintained appliance and flue can cause Carbon Monoxide and if you are exposed to carbon monoxide for a long period of time it can cause serious injury or even death.

What will be done during the service

Your solid fuel boiler and or fire will be inspected.

This may involve the removal and renewal of parts and cleaning. The engineer may ask if you have noticed any noises, smells or any other problems. Ventilation will also be checked. If your home has solid fuel heating we will sweep the chimney. You will then be asked to sign the engineer’s paperwork, and you will be given a copy.

What should I do if I think my solid fuel appliances are not working properly?

You should turn off the appliance then open doors and windows for ventilation and evacuate the property and seek medical attention.


Small appliance                                                                                         £135.00 plus materials and vat

Large appliance                                                                                         £160.00 plus materials and vat