Condensing Oil Boilers

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There are three basic types of domestic gas boilers:-

  • Regular boilers
    These are the most versatile boilers, they heat the primary water which can be diverted for your central heating and hot water requirements on an open vented or sealed system. They need a separate control pack (circulating pump, diverter valves, programmer, room and cylinder thermostats) and hot water cylinder. There is no restriction on the size of boiler that may be required. This boiler also has the ability to be adapted for solar energy heating.


  • System boilers
    These boilers are used for heat only but with the benefits of converting your primary system to unvented (removing header tank in loft), they come with an integrated expansion vessel, pump and in some cases diverter valves. A programmer can be inserted into the front control panel of the boiler making ease of installation and space saving. There is a limitation to the kilowatt output to these boilers. This boiler also has the ability to be adapted for solar energy heating.


  • Combination Boilers
    These boilers are probably the most popular boiler installed in England, they are a compact unit, wall hung and can be fitted anywhere in the property. There is no need for any cold water storage, or hot water tanks. They are suitable for properties with 1 bathroom, although there is a storage combination boiler available that would supply properties with 2 bathrooms. They are very efficient as they heat the water as you use it giving you increased pressure to your showers and hot water supply. Once again this boiler can also be adapted to accept solar energy heating and can be adapted easier than the other boilers mentioned above.

Regular Boiler

System boilers

Combination boilers


SEDBUK – Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

SEDBUK is a measure of the seasonal efficiency of a boiler installed in typical domestic conditions in the UK. The SEDBUK efficiency of most current and obsolete boilers can be found on the website

Building Regulations

The minimum requirements are that all new boilers fitted to be

  • Condensing A rated
  • Solid fuel wood/coal require minimum efficiency as stated in Part L
  • Any domestic hot water storage tanks to comply with the correct insulation
  • If you have an unvented hot water cylinder the installer requires a G3 certificate
  • Should your hot water tank be gravity fed then this will be converted to fully pumped
  • You will require a programmer, room thermostat, hot water thermostat
  • Should your property be more than 2500 square feet, or you have a conservatory being fed from the heating system, then additional zoning is required
  • Radiators where rooms need additional temperature monitoring e.g. bedrooms will require thermostatically controlled valves (TRV’s)

We install a full range of oil boilers as listed below:-


The type of boiler, be it natural gas, LPG or oil, subject to your requirements, will be decided on a site survey.

Other types of boiler:

Heat Pumps
Servicing Options