MCS Explained

“MCS” (microgeneration certification scheme) was introduced; June 2009, replacing “Green Skies” (low carbon building program). MCS is a certification body allowing growth in the domestic low carbon heating program. Installation companies registered with MCS have to meet high standards in administration and installations.

Artizan Lifestyle holds accreditation for Biomass, Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal.

The three main criteria for a successful application for the RHI

  • The product must be MCS accredited
  • The installation must be installed by an MCS accredited installer
  • A EPC (energy performance certificate) is required

MCS: The Organisation

The MCS is a European Standard EN 45011 Scheme. This standard is applied to non-governmental bodies operating in Europe that offer product certification schemes. Essentially, it ensures that an organisation can indeed uphold certifications in any given industry or field. It is a qualification, deemed by governmental perspectives as being effective in qualifying accreditation bodies. For the MCS, it is the field of microgeneration of energy and heat. It certifies that a third party such as an installation company needs to comply with the standards set by the EN 45011 Scheme in order to be recognised as competent and reliable. The standard provides guidelines on how to operate such a certification process and ensure validity and control. For a helpful outline of the MCS’ structure, please view their website by visiting

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