Biomass Boiler Choice

Artizan has been installing biomass boiler for six years: using several manufacturers.  Over the years, key points have come to light. The these boiler manufacturers fill all requirements.

  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Good technical backup
  • Next day spares
  • Long service intervals
  • Fully automated unit
  • Fully automated remote control
  • Long warranties
  • Good value for money
ETA Biomass Boilers
ETA: Top of the range boiler, manufactured in Austria with long warranties, very reliable, minimum servicing and remote monitoring, it is the market leader in the UK.
Boiler selection from 7-350kW
See ETA range
Ponast Biomass Boilers
Ponast: This is an Eastern European boiler, manufactured in the Chez Republic. The boiler comes in three lines from basic to a unit that is automated with remote control. The range in output is from 7-85kW. All models come with a 3 year Manufacturers Parts Warranty.
See Ponast Range
Klover Biomass Boilers
Klover: Budget range of boiler, ranges and stoves, well established in the UK and Europe. Italian design and manufacture, with basic operations and more manual cleaning than the more expensive manufacturer.
A large section from 8-35kW
See Klover range
Logs and Pellets
Servicing Options