Plant Rooms

Most biomass solutions require housing in a new plant room or substantial alterations to an existing building. Artizan are able to offer a wide variety of plant rooms, either standard plug and play containerised, bespoke buildings or alterations to existing buildings. In our experience the existing fossil fuel boilers are left in- situ to act as back up, so the biomass boiler will need to be rehoused with the fuel store either next to in a silo or accommodated in the new plant room.

While containerised solutions seem to be the way forward Artizan fabricate very few owing to the difficulty of access and transportation. Artizan fabricate more premade units which are assembled on site either in the form of a container (not a permanent structure; in most cases avoiding planning consent) or a bespoke detached or attached to the existing building. (In most cases building consent will be required).

This detached plant room is a premade 9×4.3m unit; fabricated by Artizan, assembled on site, housing a 199kW ETA Hack biomass boiler, with 4400ltr accumulators and 38m3 volumes for either pellets or chip.

This installation required a purpose built brick plant room to house two biomass boilers along with accumulators and 60 ton of pellets.

This will give a prospective plant room for a large biomass boiler installation, with external silos.

Containerised biomass boiler, plug and play units come in all shape and sizes; either made to specification or converted shipping container.