Farm installations

The commercial RHI phase 1 can be applied to farms even though in most cases the farm is rated as one (residential and business) premises. If for example the farm has no residential dwellings, but has a food processing plant or botanical or other heating requirement using renewable heat energy then a phase 1 RHI application will apply. A farm with no other heat requirement but with two residential properties; an application under a district scheme will apply.

Educational establishments also comes under the RHI application so a combination of the above will be eligible for the commercial RHI. You may have a situation where there is no food processing, education or any other eligible heat uses other than a single dwelling and an office for the farm; this can also be eligible. If this is the case certain criteria must be met with each application presented to Ofgem for consideration.

Artizan has successfully applied for farm installations that have been accepted for accreditation by Ofgem. A typical farm set up where Artizan has been successful on application is shown below.

As you can see the office is attached to the house with a separate entrance for the office. The office can be detached from the house. There are very many variations which would be successful, please call to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download a case study of this typical installation. It demonstrates the financial return and reduction in carbon.