District heating installations

District heating systems provide heating and domestic hot water to more than one separately rated property, either domestic or commercial; using one heat source. With the governments RHI phase 1 scheme biomass boilers are an ideal choice; saving up to 86% of CO2 emissions against traditional fossil fuels, along with creating much needed employment and ensuring a secure locally sourced fuel.

Most district systems require laying underground heat mains from the boiler room to the individual properties. The plan shown has approximately 300m. Ideally the heat main runs need to be as short as possible to reduce heat loss.

Artizan can arrange ground work preparation for laying the heat mains. Alternatively ground works can be completed by others.

As shown in the image the pre-insulated flow and return heat main, along with any electrical or communication cable is laid in the trench on a bed of sand or pea gravel then covered the same. Ideally the trench needs to be deep enough to give 700mm of ground cover over the heat main.

While the ground works can be disruptive, it is reassuring that things are back to normal as soon as possible. As you can see in the photo; within three months the site looks the same prior to the work starting.

The termination of the heat main to the individual properties usually surfaces on the outside ensuring no damp proof membrane is damaged. An ideal solution is to install a meter box where the heat meter is situated for ease of reading.

Click here to download a brochure on the underground heat mains.