Commercial installations

Commercial biomass systems provide heat in the form of hot water or steam for space heating, hot water for shower, sanitisation and food processing etc. To be eligible for the RHI phase 1 the property needs to be rated for commercial use, schools, colleges, church, community centres along with farms etc., (farms may come under a different category; see farm installations). With the governments RHI phase 1 scheme biomass boilers are an ideal choice; saving up to 86% of CO2 emissions against traditional fossil fuels, along with creating much needed employment and ensuring a secure locally sourced fuel.

Artizan was approached by Brian Currie to install a biomass heating system to one of their truck service centres. Biomass is an ideal choice, with rising cost of fossil fuels and a large reduction in carbon foot print.

Artizan are able to install new spacing heating and hot water systems to satisfy all requirements, including under floor heating, radiator circuits and warm air units.

In most installations a new plant room will have to be fabricated either as an alteration to the existing building, or as a new detached building to house the boiler and fuel store. These come in all shapes and sizes from container to bespoke solutions.

Below, we have included the case study of this typical installation to demonstrate the financial return and reduction in carbon.

Case Study – Truck Service Centre